Thanks to Reviewers

The Editor-in-Chief and the Editorial Board of the Italian Journal of Medicine are indebted with the following colleagues for their assistance in refereeing articles submitted to the journal (published or refused during 2017).


Annalisa Angelini (Italy), Nathan Artom (Italy), Giorgio Ballardini (Italy), Andrea Bonanome (Italy), Giuseppe Chesi (Italy), Ernesto De Menis (Italy), Paola Faggioli (Italy), Luca Fontanella (Italy), Maurizia Gambacorta (Italy), Gianfranco Gensini (Italy), Marco Grandi (Italy), Antonio Greco (Italy), Alfonso Ilardi (Italy), Micaela La Regina (Italy), Dario Manfellotto (Italy), Marco Masina (Italy), Alberto Mazza (Italy), Michele Meschi (Italy), Laura Morbidoni (Italy), Maurizio Nordio (Italy), Giancarlo Parisi (Italy), Giovanni Pedretti (Italy), Martino Pengo (Italy), Filomena Pietrantonio (Italy), Marcello Rattazzi (Italy), Antonio Sacchetta (Italy), Abbas Salihi (Italy), Filippo Salvati (Italy), Francesco Sgambato (Italy), Mauro Silingardi (Italy), Maurizio Soresi (Italy), Generoso Uomo (Italy), Francesco Ventrella (Italy), Paolo Verdecchia (Italy), Mario Visconti (Italy), Umberto Volta (Italy)

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