Bradycardia in elderly patient: look at the body temperature

  • Alfonso Sforza | Emergency Department, C.T.O. Hospital, Naples., Italy.
  • Maria Viviana Carlino
  • Costantino Mancusi
  • Emanuela Catapano
  • Graziella Castellano
  • Anita Costanzo
  • Vittorio Luiso
  • Arturo Izzo
  • Mario Guarino



We describe a case of a 83-year-old man who presented to the Emergency Department for bradycardia and reduced level of consciousness. His conditions had progressively worsened in the last few days and bradycardia induced his relatives to call on emergency team. He presented with hypoxia, cough, bradycardia and a reduced Glasgow Coma Scale value. The body temperature was not detected by standard thermometer and the electrocardiogram showed sinus bradycardia with prominent Osborne wave in the lateral precordial leads. His rectal temperature was 30.1 °C and the diagnostic work up showed a right lung pneumonia. He underwent active and passive rewarming treatment and sepsis treatment. Electrocardiographic abnormalities disappeared after rewarming and the patient was admitted to sub-intensive care unit.


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Sforza, A., Carlino, M. V., Mancusi, C., Catapano, E., Castellano, G., Costanzo, A., Luiso, V., Izzo, A., & Guarino, M. (2019). Bradycardia in elderly patient: look at the body temperature. Italian Journal of Medicine, 13(4), 241-243.