A practical approach for a comprehensive evaluation and management of diabetes mellitus

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Filippo Pieralli *
Andrea Crociani
Cristina Bazzini
(*) Corresponding Author:
Filippo Pieralli | filippopieralli@gmail.com


Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a very common disease, encountered in nearly one third of patients admitted to Internal Medicine Units. The discharge from the hospital is a crucial moment for patients with chronic and complex diseases such as DM and also for the caregiver. After hospital admission, therapeutic modifications with respect to usual therapy might have occurred, and shift to insulin therapy during admission occurs in the majority of patients. Therefore, treatment with insulin needs education of the patient and/or the caregiver for the correct drug administration and treatment of related side effects, mainly hypoglycemia. We believe that a very practical and mnemonic approach can help the clinician in the management of the delicate phase of hospital discharge of the diabetic patient.

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