An update on methods for sarcopenia diagnosis: from bench to bedside

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Andrea P. Rossi *
Sofia Rubele
Alessia D'Introno
Elena Zoico
Piero Bradimarte
Giulia Amadio
Nicole Nori
Paola Gnerre
Gloria Mazzali
Francesco Fantin
Mauro Zamboni
(*) Corresponding Author:
Andrea P. Rossi |


Sarcopenia has been recognized as an age-related syndrome characterized by low muscle mass, low muscle strength, and low physical performance that is associated with increased likelihood of adverse outcomes including falls, fractures, hospitalization, frailty and mortality. Therefore, it is necessary to identify the condition early for applying intervention and prevention of the disastrous consequences of sarcopenia if left untreated. Clinical definition and diagnostic criteria for sarcopenia have been developed in the last years and different tools have been proposed for screening subjects with sarcopenia, evaluating the muscle mass, the muscle strength and the physical performance. In this review we analyzed the diagnostic criteria of sarcopenia and examined the current assessment tools used for the diagnosis and screening of sarcopenia.

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