Postprandial hyperglycemia: a new frontier in diabetes management?

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Ada Maffettone *
Massimo Rinaldi
Andrea Fontanella
(*) Corresponding Author:
Ada Maffettone |


Postprandial hyperglycemia is one of the earliest abnormalities of glucose homeostasis associated with type-2 diabetes and it is markedly exaggerated in diabetic patients with fasting hyperglycemia. An extensive body of data demonstrates a strong association between postprandial glucose levels and cardiovascular risk factors. Our article will focus on the concept of postprandial hyperglycemia, its physiopathology, its role on cardiovascular risk factors and the effects of new devices and a new faster insulin analog on postprandial hyperglycemia.

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Ada Maffettone, Department of Cardiovascular Medicine and Dysmetabolic Diseases, AORN Ospedali dei Colli, Naples

Dr, PhD