Transient global amnesia: an uncommon presentation of acute myocardial infarction

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Paolo Tirelli
Fulvio Cacciapuoti
Filomena Scarano
Federico Cacciapuoti *
(*) Corresponding Author:
Federico Cacciapuoti |


Transient global amnesia (TGA) is an acute neurological syndrome characterized by sudden-onset global (anterograde and retrograde) amnesia, without compromising other neurological functions. This clinical condition lasts up to 24 h with whole restoration. Several causes have been proposed as responsible for it. Among these, acute myocardial infarction (AMI) was reported as a rare cause of TGA. Sympathetic hyperactivity occurring too early in AMI seems to induce vasospasm, responsible for venous cerebral congestion acting on hippocampal and temporal structures and consequent memory loss. A rare case of TGA as precocious display of subsequent AMI was described.

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