Interstitial syndrome-lung ultrasound B lines: a potential marker for pulmonary metastases? A case series

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Maria Viviana Carlino
Costantino Mancusi *
Giovanni de Simone
Filomena Liccardi
Mario Guarino
Fiorella Paladino
Alfonso Sforza
(*) Corresponding Author:
Costantino Mancusi |


Four patients presented to the Emergency Department with dyspnea and they underwent point-of-care ultrasound. Lung ultrasound showed a diffuse bilateral B-profile pattern-interstitial syndrome, they underwent contrast-enhanced computed tomography scan of thorax that showed multiple bilateral lung metastases. The detection, in a dyspneic patient, of a diffuse Bprofile pattern not attributable to traditional interstitial syndrome conditions (pulmonary fibrosis, acute respiratory distress syndrome, acute pulmonary edema, interstitial pneumonia) could be indicative of multiple pulmonary metastases.

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