Management of syncope: from evidence to clinical practice

  • Tiziana M. Attardo | Department of Internal Medicine, Barone Lombardo Hospital, Canicattì (AG), Italy.
  • Immacolata Ambrosino Department of Geriatrics, Hospital of Foggia, Italy.
  • Elena Magnani Department of Internal Medicine, M. Bufalini Hospital, Cesena (FC), Italy.
  • Nathan Artom Clinic of Internal Medicine 1, San Martino University Hospital, University of Genova, Italy.
  • Nicola Battino Department of Internal Medicine and Hemocoagulopathies, University Hospital of Monserrato, Cagliari, Italy.
  • Deasy Cervo Department of Internal Medicine and High Complexity Care, Careggi Hospital, Firenze, Italy.
  • Massimiliano Chiuch Clinic of Internal Medicine, Hospital of Trieste, Trieste, Italy.
  • Mariella Frualdo Department of Internal Medicine 4, Molinette Hospital, University of Torino, Italy.
  • Miriam Gino Department of Internal Medicine, Ospedale degli Infermi, Rivoli (TO), Italy.
  • Federico Pasin Department of General Medicine, Hospital of Cremona, Oglio-Po (CR), Italy.
  • Carlo Zaninetti Department of Internal Medicine III, San Matteo Polyclinic and Scientific Research Foundation, University of Pavia, Italy.


Syncope is defined as a transient loss of consciousness due to temporary global cerebral hypoperfusion. It is characterized by rapid onset, short duration, loss of postural tone possibly causing patient fall, and spontaneous full recovery. Syncope has a high prevalence and incidence within the general population with a relevant impact on both quality of life and health care costs. The diagnosis of syncope is often inaccurate and subject to delay, and management is greatly variable. The main objective of this monograph is to discuss a methodological diagnostic approach to signs and symptoms suggestive of syncope, aiming for a management optimization. The present work is based on a systematic review of recent international guidelines.



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Tiziana M. Attardo, Department of Internal Medicine, Barone Lombardo Hospital, Canicattì (AG)

MD Medicina Interna - Canicattì

Syncope, transient loss of consciousness, unexplained syncope, internal loop recorder.
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Attardo, T. M., Ambrosino, I., Magnani, E., Artom, N., Battino, N., Cervo, D., Chiuch, M., Frualdo, M., Gino, M., Pasin, F., & Zaninetti, C. (2016). Management of syncope: from evidence to clinical practice. Italian Journal of Medicine, 11(1), 23-36.

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