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Giorgio Vescovo
Padova, Italy

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The Italian Journal of Medicine (ITJM) is the official journal of FADOI, the Federation of Associations of Hospital Doctors on Internal Medicine and focus to describe the complex and variable situations confronted by Internists in daily practice. ITJM aims to promote excellence in the practice of internal medicine in hospitals and to disseminate the results of clinical research in internal medicine departments. The journal also contributes to the updating of hospital internists on general topics concerning public health, including ethical, legal, economical and health policy issues. The Italian Journal of Medicine (ITJM) is a quarterly peer-reviewed journal aiming to publish highest-quality material covering original basic and clinical research on all aspects of internal medicine. The Journal includes original clinical research papers, reviews, case reports and specific sections dedicated to clinical pharmacology, chronic diseases, health management. The Italian Journal of Medicine is currently indexed in Scopus and Embase since September 2009.

Vol 12, No 2 (2018)

Published: 2018-06-20

Are multiple-choice questions a good tool for the assessment of clinical competence in Internal Medicine?

Flavio Tangianu, Antonino Mazzone, Franco Berti, Giuliano Pinna, Irene Bortolotti, Fabrizio Colombo, Carlo Nozzoli, Micaela La Regina, Antonio Greco, Cristina Filannino, Mauro Silingardi, Roberto Nardi

An update on methods for sarcopenia diagnosis: from bench to bedside

Andrea P. Rossi, Sofia Rubele, Alessia D'Introno, Elena Zoico, Piero Bradimarte, Giulia Amadio, Nicole Nori, Paola Gnerre, Gloria Mazzali, Francesco Fantin, Mauro Zamboni

Could clustering of comorbidities be useful for better defining the internal medicine patients’ complexity?

Flavio Tangianu, Paola Gnerre, Fabrizio Colombo, Roberto Frediani, Giuliano Pinna, Franco Berti, Giovanni Mathieu, Micaela La Regina, Francesco Orlandini, Antonino Mazzone, Clelia Canale, Daniele Borioni, Roberto Nardi

Electrocardiographic features of hyperkalemia during acute kidney injury in a patient with pacemaker

Alfonso Sforza, Federica De Pisapia, Giuliano De Stefano, Antonio Gaspardini, Maria Immacolata Arnone, Andrea D'Amato, Maria Viviana Carlino, Costantino Mancusi

Transient global amnesia: an uncommon presentation of acute myocardial infarction

Paolo Tirelli, Fulvio Cacciapuoti, Filomena Scarano, Federico Cacciapuoti

How to choose and become a reviewer for a scientific medical journal

Paola Gnerre, Giorgio Vescovo, Paola Granata, Cecilia Politi, Andrea Fontanella, Dario Manfellotto, Roberto Nardi
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