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The Italian Journal of Medicine (ITJM) is the official journal of FADOI, the Federation of Associations of Hospital Doctors on Internal Medicine and focus to describe the complex and variable situations confronted by Internists in daily practice. ITJM aims to promote excellence in the practice of internal medicine in hospitals and to disseminate the results of clinical research in internal medicine departments. The journal also contributes to the updating of hospital internists on general topics concerning public health, including ethical, legal, economical and health policy issues. The Italian Journal of Medicine (ITJM) is a quarterly peer-reviewed journal aiming to publish highest-quality material covering original basic and clinical research on all aspects of internal medicine. The Journal includes original clinical research papers, reviews, case reports and specific sections dedicated to clinical pharmacology, chronic diseases, health management. The Italian Journal of Medicine is currently indexed in Scopus and Embase since September 2009.

Adult bacterial myositis: report of a single-center series of 26 cases The relevance of a fast and early diagnosis of necrotizing fasciitis in the... Patent foramen ovale and ischemic stroke: more shadows than lights? Fever and erythema: exclude all and then… think of Still's disease! Giant aneurysm of circumflex coronary artery in asymptomatic patient

Vol 10, No 3 (2016)

Table of Contents

Giuseppe Chesi, Natale Vazzana, Filippo Dall’Orto

Abstract views: 220 | PDF: 210 | HTML: 43
Marco Masina

Abstract views: 149 | PDF: 80 | HTML: 39
Andrea Donti

Abstract views: 226 | PDF: 102 | HTML: 61
Michele Stornello, Roberto Cappellani, Giuseppe Micieli, Simona Sacco, Stefano Spolveri, Roberto Sterzi, Danilo Toni, Antonio Carolei

Abstract views: 120 | PDF: 116 | HTML: 42
Pasquale Mansueto, Aurelio Seidita, Accursia Bongiovì, Tiziana Catalano, Giuseppe Pirrone, Claudia Cusimano, Alberto D'Alcamo, Antonio Carroccio

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Original Articles
Marco Masina, Annalena Cicognani, Carla Lofiego, Simona Malservisi, Riccardo Parlangeli, Alessandro Lombardi

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Cecilia Politi, Tiziana Ciarambino, Letizia Riva, Stefania Frasson, Donata Lucci, Gualberto Gussoni, Lucio Gonzini, Mauro Campanini, Michele Gulizia, Giuseppe Di Pasquale, Giovanni Mathieu, on behalf of ATA-AF Steering Committee and Investigators

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Filippo Pieralli, Vieri Vannucchi, Maria Vittoria Silverii, Ezilda Ricci, Elena Fissi, Antonio Mancini, Francesca Bacci, Carlo Nozzoli

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Ehsanollah Sakhaee, Mehdi Golchin, Zahra Davoodian

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Case Reports
Marianna Gregorio, Antonio Villa

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Fernando Gallucci, Ilaria Ronga, Francesco Di Pietto, Gerardino Amato, Rosario Buono, Generoso Uomo

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Angelo Bosio, Ottavio Pallisco, Gabriele Monaco, Paolo Fornengo, Claudia De Feo, Andrea Corgnier, Guido Ferretti, Giacomo Boccuzzi, Giacomo Paolo Vaudano, Claudio Pascale

Abstract views: 205 | PDF: 108 | HTML: 40
Bacem A.E.O. Khalele, Rami A. Al-Shiaty

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Elena Garlatti Costa, Michela Ghersetti, Silvia Grazioli, Pietro Casarin

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Marta Maset, Elena Garlatti Costa, Giorgio Siro Carniello, Silvia Grazioli, Michela Ghersetti, Pietro Casarin

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Letters to the Editor
Manuel Monti, Giovanni Maria Vincentelli, Francesco Borgognoni, Giuseppe Murdolo, Feliciano Menghini

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